Vacuum Clamping Systems SVE350 by Virutex

VirutexSKU: 8723588

Sale price$159.00




Designed for connection to the electrical vacuum clamping system SVE600 (optional).

Firm fixation of pieces of smooth and non-porous surface by means of the pneumatic vacuum fastening system. Instant fastening and without leaving any marks on the surface of the pieces. It is possible to fix large or small pieces in different positions. The firmness of the fastening allows to work with comfort, freeing the professional of complex and uncomfortable fixings.
Its compact size makes it extremely versatile and practical, both for work inside the workshop and outside.It allows to divide the fixing panel in different configurations, with the set of 3 joints supplied with the equipment, so that it allows the subjection of small pieces or with different shapes. By using several units it is possible to fix large boards. The SVN250 or SVE350 must be fixed to the workbench by screws, through the holes that it is provided with.

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