Thermoforming Oven + Vacuum Press ROCO Standard by Ribex

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Thermoforming Oven + Vacuum Press ROCO Standard by Ribex, Manufactured in Turkey

Perfectly capable of making the entire thermoforming processes of all kinds of solid surface types and Thermoplastics respectively heating process to ensure flexibility of material then forming and cooling process by vacuum unit.
Heating Unit:-
  • Heating Power : 13.5 kW
  • Total Power : 15 kW
  • Heating chamber dimensions 2600 x 1250 mm.
  • Max. working temperature 230 ° C.
  • Uniform heat distribution inside heating chamber by
  • Patented RIBEX ROCO hot air circulation system
  • 150 mm heat insulated walls
  • Heat resistant wire oven grill and optional portable stainless steel perforated plate 2000 x 1000 mm for thermoplastics
Vacuum Forming Unit:-
  • Table surface dimensions 2770 x 1300 mm
  • Multi hole durable metal table for balanced air suction
  • Rotary vane GERMAN Becker Vacuum Pump VT 4.40
  • Vacuum pressure max 9t/m2 - displacement 40 m3/h
  • Silicone membrane natural rubber | Colour: Transparent White
  • Vacuum Sealed Membrane Frame
Control Unit:-
  • PLC and HMI Touch Screen controller (24 VDC)
  • Smart Temperature Controller
  • Easy to operate with multilangual menu
  • Digital on-screen vacuum gauge, heating time and vacuum time counters
  • Alarm Page, Input/Output Pages, Buzzer with light
  • Preset program menu for different workshops
  • Test, Manual or Automatic program running
Overall Dimensions WxLxH : 1700/3300/1100 mm
Gross Weight : 1180 kgs
Heating Chamber Area WxLxH : 1250mm/2600mm/110mm
Vacuum Table Area WxLxH : 1300mm/2770mm/0-400mm

Additional Information

Vacuum Press
Part Number
Technical - Main
Power Source
Power Source
Any source of power which provides the energy required to drive a piece of machinery or equipment and includes, but is not limited to: electrical, steam, hydraulic, water, air, mechanical, radiation, and thermal forms of energy.
415V 50Hz 3 Phase
Motor Power (Input)
Motor Power (Input)
Input power means the full-load power input required to operate the motor.
2HP / 1500W
Table Size
2770mm x 1300mm x 0-400mmH
Product Length
3300 mm
Product Width
1700 mm
Product Height
1100 mm
Product Weight (Net Weight)
1180 kg
Workshop (Site) Info
Electrical Connection
Excludes Plug & Lead (must be connected by Licensed Electrician)
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Weight (Gross)
1.48 kg

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