Straight Spokeshave - Flat Bottom 600 by Clifton

CliftonSKU: 8000684

Sale price$299.00




Clifton Spokeshaves are made from virtually unbreakable spheridal graphite/malleable iron; the surfaces are finished and polished to give maximum comfort in the hand; the weight and balance permits the Spokeshave to sit firmly on the wood so that only a stroking action is required to make them cut. The firm seating and fine adjustment allow the woodworker to make delicate nuances in the weight of cut.

Blade made from cryogenically treated 01 steel.

The new addition of the 600 Flat Soled Straight Spokeshave means that you can now use our spokeshaves more like a plane on flat surfaces for controlled wood removal.

A 650 curved sole straight spokeshave has also been added to our range.

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