Solid Control Handwheels With Revolving/Folding Handle & Locking Knob (990) by Boteco

BotecoSKU: 8415

Size: D125x36x05mm
Sale price$49.00




  • Materials: Reinforced and stabilized polyamide. Resistant to oils and greases.
  • Surface finish: Satin.
  • Handwheel and handle colour: Black (RAL 9011).
  • Central cap: Grey polyamide (RAL 7035 code 13).
  • Main insert: Galvanised steel insert with smooth through bore (tolerance H10).
  • Lateral insert: Brass insert with threaded through hole.
  • Lateral handle: Revolving handle that folds into the handwheel, with hexagonal connection. Reinforced polyamide handle. Black-oxide treated internal mechanism. Fixed with black-oxide treated hexagon socket button head screw ISO 7838.
  • Locking knob: Black cylindrical knob Ral 9011 art. G793-36 with threaded stud [pageFAM_G793-Codice. Caution: the R and Q2 dimensions of the locking knob must be chosen by the customer according to the dimensions of the machinery on which the solid handwheel will be installed.
  • Fixing method: For fixing systems, or execution of keyways or square holes, please refer to the technical notes attached to the catalogue [pageFAM_NT10-Codice

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