Resaw Power Feeder 240V TC-PF-R-AF06 by Toughcut *Coming Soon - Expected May 2024*

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The TC-PF-R-AF06 Resaw Power Feeder is an unmatched, highly efficient feeder specially designed for light to medium use on a bandsaw.


  • 1/8 HP Motor (90W)
  • 2 Rollers - 200mm Diameter x 25mm - Polyurethane Coated Rollers
  • Speeds - 1.5-12 M/min
  • Safety at Your Fingertips – By keeping your hands away from cutting edges.


  • Distance required from mounting position on corner of table to tip of blade: 370mm to 469mm (14.5" to 18.5")

  • May need to add extension if too small

  • Maximum Height of Rollers: 82mm (3-3/8")
  • Maximum Roller-Blade Clearance: 246-398mm (9-1/2") (15-1/2")

Made for Resaws and Bandsaws

This special purpose feeder is designed for bandsaws between 20" and 24” (500 - 600mm) and is ideal for light to medium-duty use. Its multi-step adjustable arm design makes this feeder compatible with the majority of band resaws. It is spring-loaded, ensuring smooth and accurate cuts. The distance required from mounting position on corner of table to tip of blade is 370mm to 469mm (14.5" to 18.5"), may need to add extension if too small.

Variable Speed

Speed settings can be easily adjusted acoording to your requirements. With variable speed adjustment ranging from 1.5-12 M/min (5-40 FPM), the TC-PF-R-AF06provides a range of speed options for your stock feeding needs.

Drill-less Fast Positioning Design

No need to drill holes in your bandsaw, you only need to use the parts that come with the feeder to secure it to the bandsaw.

Adjustable Rollers

The rollers can be adjusted according to your feeding needs. The maximum height of the rollers is 82mm (3-3/8").

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