Replica WW1 Stonebridge Brass Folding Candle Trench Lantern

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Named after its designer and originally made in USA by The Stonebridge Folding Lantern Co. This is a replica folding lantern that was used in World War 1. The lenses are made of thin sheets of Mica called isinglass or eisinglass. The isinglass was used because it was heat tolerant and would not shatter from the concussive force of explosions. The back panel was solid so that light would not shine out making it a target. The lantern can be hung on a wall nail or carried by its handle. This handsome and accurate reproduction is 160mm x 115mm x 19mm when folded flat, and 215mm high (with a 115mm square base) when setting up. Made of brass with mica windows (a natural mineral that is heat resistant). Because of the vents and air intake design, the candle will not flicker, even when walking with the lantern. The light alone weighs only 0.35Kg and is easy to fold and pack.

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