Pullslide Plain Mortise & Marking Gauge in Rosewood / Walnut 9C by Joseph Marples

Joseph MarplesSKU: 54367

Sale price$60.00




Made from plantation grown Sonokeeling Rosewood or Walnut, with brass fittings. The mortise gauge heads are available as plain, brass faced or brass plated face with inlaid brass head shield, a design dating back over 100 years. We offer two types of slide adjustment, brass pull slide and a more accurate/finer, brass thumbscrew slide. All mortise gauges are supplied with a brass knurled thumbscrew (steel slotted screw by request) for locking the brass slide. All the gauges have a marking gauge pin on the underside. Marking gauges and cutting gauges are of the traditional, half round design and come with either plain head or plated head. All gauges come with a solid brass knurled thumbscrew.

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