No. 7 Bench Plane by Clifton

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No. 7 Bench Plane by Clifton The Clifton Bench Plane no. 7 has a cutter width of 2 .3/8" (60mm) and is used as a Jointer plane. A bench plane will flatten a surface to an accuracy equivalent to the depth of cut over the length of the sole. So the longer the plane, the greater the accuracy. the Clifton No.7 is big, solid, accurate plane designed for flattening surfaces and preparing the edges of boards that are to be joined together. The balance of the Clifton makes it much less unwieldy than you might imagine, indeed for some woodworkers the No.7 is their main hand plane. By no means limited to edge jointing, the No.7 excels at flattening large surfaces, tabletops, bench tops, large panels etc. The Clifton No .7 weighs 5 kg

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