No. 4 Bench Plane by Clifton

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Clifton Bench Plane no. 4. It has a cutter width of 2" (50mm) and is intended for smoothing

The Clifton No 4 is the most popular size of smoothing plane. Designed to take an incredibly thin shaving from wood that has already been flattened, leaving a flawless silken surface that is ready to receive finish. These planes are ready to use from the box and do not need hours of flattening and fettling to make them fit for use.

The bedrock frog has a fully machined underside, which mates perfectly, across its entire surface, with the fully machined bed in the sole casting. Even with the frog adjusted forward, closing the mouth up to 1/64" or better, the blade remains solidly clamped and well supported.

The Cutting Iron is hand forged from high carbon steel, hardened and tempered to 60-62 Rockwell C the precision ground and are 0.120" thick (3mm). The Cap Iron has a two piece design to offer rigid clamping. The Frog locating pins and screws are made from ground stainless steel and are polished. The accuracy of this mechanism allows for the cutting iron to be advanced to give a virtually "zero" mouth opening, so allowing the finest shavings to be taken even on the most difficult of timbers.

The Clifton No 4 weighs 2 Kilos

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