Metered Air / Pneumatic Glue Feeder with 1 Gun A12 00165 by Pizzi

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*Please note this stock is heavily discounted due to its shop soiled nature - ex-display* Unlike traditional glue feeders this equipment has a double adjustment:-
  • Glue flow, acting on the ring positioned on the back of the gun
  • Extrusion time through a timer
    • Unscrewing the knob the extrusion time decreases, screwing the knob - the extrusion time decreases, screwing the know the extrusion time increases
  • Fast and practical gluing reducing working process, remarkable glu-saving
  • Suitable for PVA Adhesives
    • Viscocity between 6000 and 12000 mPa's working temperature 20deg.
  • Stainless Steel Feeder
  • Max Pressure: 5 Bar / 75PSI
  • Glue Capacity: 12Kg
  • Hose Length: 4m
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