Insert Cutters suit WS70-800 Woodturning Tool System by Woodfast

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Style: Diamond
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Resharpenable Carbide Insert Cutters to suit Woodturning Tool System.

Carbide insert cutters have revolutionised woodturning by offering a combination of sharpness, longevity, and convenience that traditional tools can't match. Whether you're a seasoned woodturner or just starting, these cutters will help you take your craft to the next level.


  • Carbide Insert Cutter
  • Can be resharpened

Upgrade your Woodfast Woodturning System with our premium carbide insert cutters today!

Note: Insert cutters are sold separately.


  • Diamond - Mainly used to add thin line details on turnings, the spear-point tip is great for undercutting and creating small beads. The long sides of the cutter are also useful for fine shaping of rims on bowls or plates. Use carefully, as excessive pressure on the tip from hitting knots, irregular wood grain or aggressive use could damage the cutter.
  • Round - Round carbide inserts are suitable for general woodturning tasks such as shaping, roughing, and smoothing. They are versatile tools that can handle a wide range of turning operations. While not as specialised as diamond-shaped inserts, round carbide inserts can also be used for detailing work on woodturning projects. They can create fine grooves, beads, and other decorative features.
  • Square
  • Fingernail
  • 3/16" Radius
  • Paisley Left
  • Paisley Right
  • R2 Square
  • Semi Circle


    • Woodfast WF70-800 Woodturning System
    • Rikon 70-800 Woodturning System
    • Similar Approved Woodturning Systems

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