Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector / Extractor 3HP 415V Vortex 440 by Alfarimini *Coming Soon*

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*Coming Soon - Expected in store Q3-Q4, 2023*

Mobile cyclone dust extractor with high pressure fan suitable for medium to large sized trade workshops.

The industrial cyclone dust collector / extractor from Alfa Rimini features an efficient and effective design to capture up to 99% of dirt particles from the air. Its vortex construction forces air into a downward spiral, where centrifugal forces separate the particles from the gas flow. The remaining particles are collected in the filter body for clean, dustless air.

How it Works

The dusty air enters the VORTEX through the extraction inlet of the cyclone.

Thanks to the cylindrical and then conical shape, the air flow is forced into downward spiral motion.

As a result of the centrifugal force, the particles separate from the gas flow that contains them and are dragged by the force of gravity towards the lower part of the filter where they are collected.

The finer particles that remain in suspension are extracted and through the inner cylinder, pushed by the fan into the filter body and retained and collected here.

The percentage of dust captured by the cyclone is much greater than that ending up in the final container, in a ratio that can reach up to 99% of the total, depending on the grain size and physical characteristics of the dust or chip extracted.


  • High Efficiency filtration - Wide range of filtering media: Filtering bags; Filtering cartridges IFA-BGIA [M]

  • Safety - It’s impossible to touch the fan with your hands
  • Energy Saving Motors - Motors IE2 – IE3 – IE4
  • Inspection Porthole
  • Collection bags for fine dust made in Recycled Polyethylene LDPE


  • Air flow: 2,800m3/HR
  • Collection Bin Size: 160L
  • Collection Bags: 1
  • Filtering Bag Size: 500mm
  • Filtering Bags: 1
  • Suction Hoods: 200mm
  • Pressure: 2600 Pascals
  • Motor Speed: 2800RPM


  • 500mm Filtering Bags
  • 160L Collection Bags

Full 12Month Manufacturer's Warranty (for Wood Dust)

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