Heavy Duty SG Iron Baby Multi Bench Vice with Anvil by Oltre *Coming Soon*

Size: 60mm
Sale price$94.00


*Coming Soon - Expected Early 2024*
  • Multi-Tasking Modular Baby Vice is made from Spheroid Graphite Iron, this is one of the strongest in the range for heavy duty applications.
  • 360° Swivel Base: Jaws rotate on 2 axis as the entire assembly rotates 360° on the base and flips on a centre axis to access either sets of jaws. (Exclusive)
  • Can be mounted permanently with the help of nuts or has the provision to clamp strongly onto any Table top or bench top surface.
  • Fine ground Rotating Jaws, with corrugated surfaces that holds round material.
  • Replaceable MS Jaws with cross-head screws.
  • Fine ground Anvil area.
  • Finished with Black Hammer Tone paint (Scratch-resistant paint)
  • Multiple use: Holding small parts in Jewelry, Watch, Hobby, Model making, Electronics, Home and Work-Bench and many other applications.


  • Anvil Size: 26 x 50mm
  • Large Jaws: 60mm
  • Small Jaws: 40mm

Our Vices are made from High quality hardened Spheroid Graphite Iron (S.G. Iron Steel), and we guarantee our products are unbreakable since this is one of the strongest in the range of Vices being manufactured for heavy Duty Applications and has a very high ductile strength. Therefore it does not break in the normal course of its life for its utility. This is one of the main reasons we provide a Lifetime Warranty (Vices & Anvils only).

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