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The jig can also be used as a vice if the central plate is removed. Designed for face frames or other applications where you are drilling two holes. This design has removable bushings that allow you to drill two holes of the same size without moving the jig. The holes are on 19mm (3/4") centre and the bushings and centre section are mode of hardened drill steel. They are also plated for rust protection. Comes with 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" steel bushings. This jig has the capacity to cope with timber up to 60mm in thickness. How to use?
  • Select the desired drill size, locking the two workpiece with the E clamp and put the jig into position.
  • Drill Hole on each workpiece as desired, then release the knob and slide the jig to the next position.
  • Repeat the process along the length of the board without releasing the E Clamp.
Ideal for Mitre Joining - the kit handles more than the traditional Dowel Jig as it can do a 45degree pitch also. The self aligning feature provides right alignment.
  • Suitable for:-
    • Mitre Dowel Joining
    • Edge to Edge Dowel Joining
    • Edge to Side Dowel Joining
  • Manufactured of Metal with 2 x Hardened steel blocks with Drill Hole Sizes (imperial):-
  • Kit includes 2 x steel bushing blocks
    • Drill Hole Sizes - Imperial Block:-
      • 1/4" (6.35mm) - centres on 16mm Board
      • 3/8" (9.5mm) - centres on 25mm Board
    • Drill Hole Sizes -Metric Block:-
      • 6mm - centres on 16mm Board
      • 8mm - centres on 19mm board
      • 10mm - centres on 25mm Board
  • Maximum Board / Stock Thickness suitable with jig: 44mm

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