Dry Painting / Spray Booths by Alfarimini

AlfariminiSKU: 8600442

Depth: 1.5m
Length: 2.4m 0verall (2.3m Internal)
Sale price$9,377.00




  • Ventilator Fan with Triple Eco Filtering System
  • Andrae Front Filters
  • Paint Stop Rear Filters
  • Activated Carbon in Rear-Mounted Filtering Cells
  • Motor Ventilator with Spark proof Safety System
  • Inclined Front Wall (allows for equal suction speed - even in lower portion of booth - farthest from motor ventilator)
  • Electric Panel
  • Ceiling Light
  • Alert Light for Filters Clog
  • Raise Hook

Specifications ALFA 2A/ECO

  • Fan Power:1.5HP
  • Suction Capacity: 8mc/H
  • Booth Dimensions: 2300x1500x2400mmH
  • O/A Dimensions: 2400x1500x3300mmH
Specifications ALFA 3A/ECO
  • Fan Power: 3HP
  • Suction Capacity: 12mc/H
  • Booth Dimensions: 3100x1500x2400mmH
  • O/A Dimensions: 3300x1500x3300mmH
Specification ALFA 4A/ECO
  • Fan Power: 5.5HP
  • Suction Capacity: 16mc/H
  • Booth Dimensions: 4000x1500x2400mmH
  • O/A Dimensions: 4000x1500x3300mmH
Specification ALFA 6B/ECO
  • Fan Power: 5.5HP
  • Suction Capacity: 16mc/H
  • Booth Dimensions: 6000x1500x2400mmH
  • O/A Dimensions: 6000x1500x3300mmH

This unit arrives flat packed with easy to install panels with male/female grooves. Assembly available at additional cost.

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