Dowelling Jig Kit suit Shelf Pins DF31 by Oltre

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A fast, convenient aluminium Jig for line boring. Features 2 hole centre distances: 1" and 2" and comes with 5, 7, 9mm and 1/4" bushings. Instructions:-
  1. Put the same size guide pin as bushing in the bushing block. Lock them by tightening brass screw;
  2. Adjust the distance from edge by moving the end stop on rod, and lock by tightening brass screw;
  3. When drilling the first hole, use the drill stop collar to set hole depth;
  4. Drill the next hole by inserting t5he guide pin into the first hole and end stop completely fitting the edge, repeat the same process to drill subsequent holes.
  5. Start the other side boring holes by putting the pin to another hole of bushing block. Always start from the same side to ensure the hole pairs sit on the same position.

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