CNC Boring Machine Bauxite 2460 by Toughcut

ToughCutSKU: 8000880

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CNC Boring Machine Bauxite 2460 by Toughcut, Manufactured in China Toughcut Bauxite 2460 is the ideal solution for just-in-time production and easy panel processing. Zero setting times due to the automatic clamping system. Compact and rigid, with the vertical panel structure ensures ergonomic and easy panel processing. Features:-
  • SMD High Performance Servo Driver
    • The Machines is controlled and managed by Syntec Control System. The built in software interface ensures easy and direct machine programming
  • Hand Wheel Control
    • Remote Control Allows the operator to fully manage the machine
  • Auto Length Adjustment
    • The Workpiece length in X Direction measured accurately via the sensor, the drilling dimensions are corrected automatically
  • Auto Lubrication System
    • Auto Increasing service life lubrication for the mechanical parts
  • Easy to use

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