23G Headless Pin Nail Hard Steel Galvanised (Box of 10,000) by APlus

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Size: 12mm
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Ideal for Picture Framing, Upholstery, Skirting and more.

23-gauge headless pins have a wide range of applications in woodworking and carpentry due to their small size and minimal visibility. Here are some common applications for 23-gauge headless pins:

  1. Trim Work: These pins are ideal for securing baseboards, crown molding, chair rails, and other trim pieces in place. Their small size and minimal holes make for a clean, professional finish.

  2. Cabinet Installation: When assembling cabinets or attaching cabinet moldings, 23-gauge headless pins are often used to secure the components without leaving noticeable marks.

  3. Furniture Making: Woodworkers use these pins to join small parts, attach decorative moldings, and assemble intricate furniture pieces without unsightly nail holes.

  4. Paneling: Headless pins are excellent for attaching wood paneling or wainscoting because they leave very small holes that are easy to hide or fill.

  5. Picture Framing: For framing artwork or photos, these pins can secure frame components together without damaging the artwork or leaving visible fasteners.

  6. Craftsmanship: These pins are popular among hobbyists and craftsmen for creating intricate wooden crafts, such as boxes, frames, and decorative items.

  7. Door and Window Casings: When installing door and window casings, headless pins help secure the moldings in place while keeping the surface smooth and clean.

  8. Staircases: For attaching stair treads, risers, and balusters, 23-gauge headless pins are often used to maintain a clean, professional appearance.

  9. Dowel Replacement: They can be used to replace dowels in joinery, providing a strong and nearly invisible connection between wooden pieces.

  10. General Assembly: These pins are suitable for general woodworking assembly tasks where discreet fastening is essential, ensuring the overall aesthetics of the project.

Keep in mind that the specific applications can vary based on the length of the pins and the type of wood you're working with. Shorter pins are suitable for thinner materials and delicate tasks, while longer pins are used for thicker stock or for more structural applications. Always choose the appropriate pin length and gauge for your project to achieve the best results.


  • Cabinets Doors
  • Small Trim
  • Glazing Bead
  • Carving and Ornamentals
  • Birdhouses
  • Picture Frames
  • Beehives


  • 23G Pinners / Pin Bradders

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