Benchtop Mortiser 34-260 by Rikon

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How do you drill square holes? With a mortiser! These specially designed, drill press-type machines use a drill bit housed inside of a square chisel to perform this feat. The drill bit starts boring a hole in your wood, then immediately the square chisel follows – forming the square shape, while its interior bevel forces the excess wood that is remaining in the corner sections into the spinning drill bit. The drill’s flutes then carry away the cut chips up and out of the mortise. All this is done in seconds, permitting you to cut accurate mortises for furniture, cabinetry, doors, shutters, and more. RIKON’s Benchtop Mortisers are available in two models, each is wired for use with 3-wire 120V electrical receptacles.

Benchtop X-Y Mortising Machine #34-260 gives precision positioning of your work for boring mortises because of the sliding, X-Y axis table. Front controls move the table either forward-and-back or side-to-side along with the dual dovetail ways. The front clamp pushes work against the cast iron rear fence, as well as acting as a hold-down.


  • Powerful 1/2 HP motors will handle cutting the hardest wood
  • Dovetail column ways give smooth vertical travel for boring
  • Piston-assist feed return regulates plunge and release speed for safety
  • A long, multi-position handle gives great leverage for advancing the chisels
  • Keyed Chucks have guards for added safety
  • Adjustable depth stop provides extra control for drilling
  • The adjustable length stops keep repeat/multiple drillings consistent
  • Machined tables give solid support to workpieces
  • Hold downs keep work from lifting when chisels are withdrawn
  • Cast iron fences adjust forward and back for the setting of drill locations
  • Cast iron base, column, and housing reduces vibration
  • Holes in the base for mounting to a bench or stand
  • Tool rest holds chisels and tools for quick access
  • Housing is bored to hold 1” shanks and includes 5/8” & 3/4” bushings
  • Includes 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” and 1/2” chisels and drill bits

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