Aluminium Measuring Attachment Kit FTA1 suit FT11 Mitre Trimmer / Guillotine by Oltre

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Aluminium Top Trim Attachment FTA2 suit FT11 Mitre Trimmer / Guillotine by Oltre

Upgrade your framing precision with the Oltre Picture Framing Hand Aluminium Measuring Attachment Kit. Designed for use with the Oltre Hand Mitre Trimmer, this attachment takes your framing capabilities to the next level.

Top Trim Attachment Features:

  1. Enhanced Precision: Elevate your mitered picture frames by achieving a precise, top-quality finish. The attachment is crafted for accuracy in trimming, ensuring a seamless and professional look.

  2. Tailored for Oltre Hand Mitre Trimmer: Specifically engineered to complement the Oltre Hand Mitre Trimmer (sold separately), the Top Trim Attachment seamlessly integrates for a cohesive and efficient framing experience.

  3. Effortless Customisation: Easily set the attachment to the desired angle, allowing for versatile framing options. The tool provides flexibility in creating both right-hand (RH) and left-hand (LH) cuts with ease.

  4. Seamless Integration: The attachment effortlessly integrates with the Oltre Hand Mitre Trimmer, providing a user-friendly experience for hobbyists and professionals alike.

  5. Professional Results: Achieve professional-grade results with this top trim attachment. The combination of the Oltre Hand Mitre Trimmer and the Top Trim Attachment ensures clean, precise cuts for a flawless finish.

Invest in the Oltre Picture Framing Hand Mitre Trimmer Top Trim Attachment to unlock unparalleled framing precision and take your craftsmanship to new heights. Perfect for framing enthusiasts who demand top-notch results in every project.

  • FTA1 Measuring Attachment with aluminium supports and a length stop (sold separately)
  • FTA2 Top Trim Attachment (sold separately)
  • FT11 Hand Trimmer (Pictured is sold separately)


  • F11 Hand Mitre Trimmer by Oltre
  • Similar approved Hand Mitre Trimmers

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