Adhesive / Glue Storage Container UT-45 by Oltre

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'Magic' Adhesive / Glue Container including Brush.

Check out this really simple, 'magic' glue container (UT-45 Adhesive Glue Storage Container by Oltre). The glue and glue brush are in the same container, always ready for use. Keep evaporation to a minimum whilst the unique dispensing mouth reduces waste and storing the brush in the glue container actually extends brush life. Exposure of liquid or glue to the air is limited, so the life of the stored liquid is extended. Vapour emissions from the dispenser are held to a minimum. Ideal for woodworking glue or all liquid product that evaporates when exposed to the air (glues, dyes etc).


  • Stores 0.9 Litres
  • Suits all liquid products that evaporate when exposed to air (glues, dyes etc.).
  • Evaporation is reduced to a minimum and the glue and brush are stored in the same container ready for use (and extending life of brush).

Directions of Use

  1. To fill the container, place it in the 'fill' position. Pour the liquid through the opening at the top of the container
  2. When not in use, close the container using the bell shaped cup. The brush can be left inside and the brush is protected from drying out.
  3. Whilst in use the bell shaped closing cup can be stored on the 'ring' on top of the container.
  4. If the stored liquid becomes thick during use close the container with the bell shaped cup and return the container to 'fill' position. Within a short time the liquid will return to its normal consistency.

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