A4 Desktop Mini Vacuum Press / Craft Former by Oltre

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The Oltre Craft Vacuum Former is a manually operated vacuum forming machine that can produce industrial grade plastic mouldings while being compact enough to fit on a desktop. Oltre Craft Formers were specially designed with pre-programmed process controls and user sensors that make it easy to use on all appliances. The powerful ceramic heaters allow you to prepare the plastic sheet in a few minutes, whilst the built-in vacuum gives high accuracy and mold detail on each production cycle. Plastic Sheets ranging from 0.3mm to 3mm are available as special order with a maximum capacity height of 100mm. We also offers standard material with 0.5mm and 0.75mm thickness options. Features:-
  • Desktop and Compact Thermoform with Industrial Features
  • Easy to operate - Automatically heats up and prompts you to complete the heating
  • Built-in Super Vacuum Pump
  • Precise Temperature Control (Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion)
  • Safety Standard: CE Conformity
  • Forming Size: 170mm x 260mm x 100mm
Suitable Materials:-
  • PETG
  • ABS
  • HIPS
How to Operate:-
  • Unbox carton
  • Place on desk
  • Plug in
  • Power On
  • Begin

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