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Elevate Your Crafting with the Oltre A3 Craft Vacuum Former! Meet your new creative partner in the Oltre A3 Craft Vacuum Former, designed to bring your artistic visions to life. Crafted to accommodate A3-sized materials, this manually operated vacuum forming machine empowers artisans and makers to transform a variety of materials, including plastic and foam, into stunning industrial grade moulding creations. The Oltre A3 Craft Vacuum Former offers precision and versatility, making it a must-have tool for any crafting enthusiast and compact enough to fit on a desktop.

Oltre Craft Formers were specially designed with pre-programmed process controls and user sensors that make it easy to use on all appliances. The powerful ceramic heaters allow you to prepare the plastic sheet in a few minutes, whilst the built-in vacuum gives high accuracy and mould detail on each production cycle. Plastic Sheets ranging from 0.3mm to 3mm are available as special order with a maximum capacity height of 100mm. We also offers standard material with 0.5mm and 0.75mm thickness options.


  • Desktop and Compact Thermoform with Industrial Features
  • Easy to operate - Automatically heats up and prompts you to complete the heating
  • Built-in Super Vacuum Pump
  • Precise Temperature Control (Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion)
Suitable Materials
  • PETG
  • PE
  • ABS
  • HIPS
How to Operate:-
  1. Unbox carton
  2. Place on desk
  3. Plug in
  4. Power On
  5. Begin


    • Maximum Dimensions of a Convex Model

      • Width: 260mm

      • Length: 380mm

      • Height: 100mm

    • Maximum Dimensions of a Concave Model

      • Width: 240mm

      • Length: 360mm

      • Height: 100mm

    • Maximum Temperature: 150°

    Additional Information

    Vacuum Former
    A3 (297 x 420mm)
    Technical - Main
    Power Source
    Power Source
    Any source of power which provides the energy required to drive a piece of machinery or equipment and includes, but is not limited to: electrical, steam, hydraulic, water, air, mechanical, radiation, and thermal forms of energy.
    240V 50Hz Single Phase
    Motor Power (Output)
    Motor Power (Output)
    Output power means the maximum power that the motor puts out under ideal conditions.
    Material (Stock) - Minimum Length
    297 mm
    Material (Stock) - Minimum Width
    420 mm
    Material (Stock) - Maximum Thickness
    2.5mm (some film can be 3mm)
    Product Length
    520 mm
    Product Width
    650 mm
    Product Height
    490 mm
    Product Weight (Net Weight)
    27 kg
    Country of Origin
    Manufactured in
    Standard Inclusions
    Darth Vader Mask (For Mould Making)
    Assorted PETG Film for Mould Making
    CE Certified
    All of our products come with full manufacturer's warranty. If you need to make a claim - all you need is the tax invoice from your purchase. If you lose your original tax invoice and need to make a claim, please let us know and we'll re-issue it to you.
    1 Year
    Packaging + Shipping
    Shipping Length
    740 mm
    Shipping Width
    620 mm
    Shipping Height
    660 mm
    Shipping Weight (Gross)
    43.0 kg
    Items over 25kg must be packed on a pallet or crate so they can easily be moved by forklift.
    Wooden Box
    Shipping Notes
    This product is classified as 'Heavy / Oversized' and generally does not qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

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