8Kg Glue Feeder Tank for PVA with 1 x 0002 Nozzle Series A8 9001 by Pizzi

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The Pizzi 9001 Pressurized Glue Tank is a proven glue system which is a favourite at wood shops due to its reliability and durability. The Pizzi systems allow you to finish glue tasks faster and without mess, with less waste and more precision than working manually with glue bottles. The 9001 is a workhorse tank which has an engineered steel body and rugged design which stands up the wear and tear of daily use in a busy shop. The tank comes equipped with our standard glue gun, a versatile tool which can accept the full range of specialized Pizzi glue nozzles. The tank features two hose fittings, so two operators can use the tank simultaneously with the addition of another glue gun and hose. After working with a Pizzi glue system, it's difficult to imagine going back to working without one.
  • Glue feeder can dispense glue down to 1-0.5 Bar to 15-10PSI without recharging. During use, the tank can be recharged to maintain specific pressure through the air inlet valve.
  • Glue can be left in the system provided it is kept under pressure
  • All nozzles listed are interchangeable and compatible with both standard glue guns 0002 and 9902.
Standard Inclusions:-
  • 1.5 gallon steel pressurized glue tank
  • Pizzi standard glue gun equipped with universal nozzle
  • Connecting 2 meter nylon hose
Optional Accessories:-
  • 0057 Trolley for glue feeder with basin for accessories.
  • All glue feeders can be equipped with a wide range of standard accessories and nozzles to meet different needs in the gluing field.
  • On request, with dimensions and wood samples, custom made nozzles can be made to any specification.
  • Bracket for glue nozzle.
Technical Data:-

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