860mm (34") Radial Floor Mount Drill Press RDP86016F by Oltre

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The beauty of Radial Drill Presses is the variety of angles that can be set for otherwise difficult boring operations. These specialised machines function like normal drill presses that bore in a vertical plane, but the unique rotating head and motor upper assembly also allows the head to turn laterally, left and right for angles too! This is ideal for boring projects that lie on the table or are too large to do so. Situations that cabinetmakers, farmers, and model makers frequently get into. In addition to the adjustable head, the work tables can also be titled and locked in position for boring holes at a set angle. Adjustable depth stop guarantee that multiple holes will all be drilled at exactly the same depth. Multi-step pulleys that let you change drilling speeds just by repositioning the drive belts. Large handles make table and head adjustments easy. The Radial Floor Mount Drill Press has the same great features as the bench model but has larger components in proportion with the added height and capacities of this floor model – large base, column, and table assemblies. The work table on this model is the round shape and will turn 360° as well as tilt 45° left and right.


  • Induction Motors provide plenty of power for drilling
  • Head & Motor assembly tilt left and right for special angle drilling
  • Stepped Pulleys give multiple spindle speed choices
  • Keyed chucks hold drill bits and accessories tight
  • Adjustable depth stops are great for repeatable drilling
  • Cast iron head with spindle assembly operates precisely and smoothly
  • 3 Feed handles provide excellent control when drilling
  • Heavy Cast Iron bases have slots for attaching jigs or fixtures
  • Machined, cast iron table with slots for attaching clamps, vices, etc.
  • Rack & pinion design makes adjusting table and head assembly easy
  • Tables tilt and move up or down along the column for best working positioning
  • Thick metal columns give strong, rigid support
  • Front on/off toggle switches have removable safety tabs for extra security

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