830W Hot Melt Portable Edgebander PEB250+ by Virutex

VirutexSKU: 8600715

Sale price$3,599.00




Hot melt portable edgebander. For PVC, ABS, melamine, laminate or veneer tapes, previously cut to the wanted length, on straight, round or shaped panels. Very practical for small manufacturing series due to its easy operation and fast adjustment. The height tape adjustment and panel thickness is very easy and intutive. Equipped with assisted tape feeding and electronic speed control to work at the most convenient speed.

Gluing roller with polymerization processing. Allows to band ABS tapes with 3D and glass effect.

With electronic temperature control the machine is also equipped with a precise control for the glue dosage on the tape.

Glue pot and tape sliding base covered by Teflon® for an easy cleaning and maintenance.

Optional Accessories:-

  • Table MEB250 for Stationery Operation = this unit becomes PEB250TA with the stationery table (table can also be purchased separately)
  • Tilting Table MI250 Accessory
  • Trimming System
    • Electric Trimming Set FR256N
  • Trimming Hand Tools
    • Manual Edge Trimmer AU93 (suit up to 0.6mm thick Edging)
    • Manual Edge Trimmer 4953 (suit up to 1mm thick Edging)
    • Manual End cutter RC21E (suit up to 0.6mm thick Edging)
    • Manual End cutter RC221R (suit up to 2mm thick Edging)
    • Manual End cutter RC321S (suit up to 3mm thick Edging)
  • Adhesive
    • Hot Melt Pellets suit PEB250 282-30 by Jowat
      • 5kg #8702244 or
      • 25kg #51372
  • Clamping
    • Pneumatic Vacuum Clamp – Tilting SVN450
    • Pneumatic Vacuum Clamp – Tilting and Swivelling SVN460
    • Pneumatic Vacuum Clamp – Additional Auxillary Clamp (Non Swivelling / Tilting) SVN470

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