770 Bull Nose Plane by Clifton

CliftonSKU: 9400336

Sale price$325.00




Bull nose planes are trimming tools used for final fitting of one of the most important joints in cabinetmaking - the rebate. They are defined by their short toe which affords better access to inside corners leaving only a tiny amount to be cleaned up with a chisel. With its ultra-fine mouth the bullnose produces exceptionally smooth surfaces at exactly 90 degrees, even when working across the grain. Small and light enough to be used one handed, and if necessary at arms length to reach inside a carcase after assembly. This plane has a cutter width of 1 1/8" (29mm) and is made from high quality oil hardened tool steel, 59-61 rockwell "C" hardness. The cutting edge is ground to 25 degrees primary and 30 degrees secondary. Approx weight 0.650kgs

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