630mm 25" Industrial Thicknesser Ilmenite 630H by Toughcut

ToughCutSKU: 8000869

Sale price$16,999.00




Standard features such as Variable feeding speeds, Electronic table adjustment, Positioning control, Spring-loaded pressure bar, 4 column table support, spiral cutter head and so much more. All these features provide high performance making it the ideal heavy-duty industrial thicknesser for any workshop.


  • Spiral Head Cutter Block (108 pieces)
  • Variable speed infeed by inverter suit all types of finishes
  • Motor drive table lifting mechanism with micrometric positioning
  • Spring-loaded pressure bars and double outfeed rollers design prevents vibration of very thin workpieces during thicknessing
  • Four trapezoidal thread spindles with dual guide rails guarantee accurate adjustment and avoid lateral movement during thicknessing
  • Two bottom table rollers
  • Electronic motor breaking
  • Sound insulation underside of the lid
  • Matting protection on top of the lid to allow material to be pasted over the machine without causing damage to the workpiece

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