600mm x 900mm CNC Router RS6090 by Redsail

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This desktop CNC router is small and simple to use. Various materials can be cut and engraved by this machine, such as PVC, Acrylic, wood, PCB, even some soft metals like aluminium and copper can be engraved. The machines are equipped with MACH3 Software and Driver allowing for easier control of the machine. Also, this machine can achieve excellent performance and high resolution carving due to ball and screw drive.


  • The machine bed is aluminium, high rigid, solid, and stable
  • Ball screw and linear guide rail, ensure stable and accurate operation
  • Can use most types of CADCAM software, e.g. Vetric V-carve

Standard Accessories:

  • Stand fitted with wheels.
  • Dust Hood with 100mm dust hose approx 5m
  • 6 x Workpiece clamps
  • Windows-based laptop with MACH3 software installed for machine control (* laptop not for CAD designing use)
  • 21mm and 30mm spanners

Workshop Requirements:

  • 2 x 240V 10A power outlet (1 for machine, 1 for laptop)
  • CAD drawing software ie. Vetric V-carve Pro
  • Dust Extractor with 100mm outlet
  • Cutters
  • 100mm dust hose (min. 5 meters)

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