5Pce Woodturning System With Carbide Insert Cutters WFT0011 by Woodfast

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  • System includes a 365mm long, machined aluminum Handle with an anti-vibration grip that features a unique forward chucking system
  • Simply unscrew the knurled chuck collet to insert any of the four supplied shafts with carbide cutters, tighten the chuck collar, and you are ready to turn
  • Four, 330mm carbon steel Shafts are supplied with either a Circle, Square, Rhombus (sharp and arc edge) shaped carbide Insert Cutter secured to their end with a T15/T20 screw
  • The finely machined shafts have bottoms that are milled with a flat, and 4 side bevels for extra stability on the tool rest when turning
  • The 4 side bevel surfaces also give the user extra support when the cutter is shifted to an angled skew position for shear cutting action
  • Cutters:
    • Material: Carbide
    • Shapes: Square, Round, Rhombus Sharp Edge, Rhombus Arc Edge
    • Square Cutter Size: 14mm x 14mm
    • Round Cutter Size: 12mm Diameter x 3.2mm
    • Sharp Edge Cutter Size: 35 degree
    • Rhombus Arc Edge Cutter Size: 35 degree
    • Handle Mounting Hole Size: 12mm x 12mm
Kit Includes:
  • 365mm Handle
  • 4 x Shafts
  • 4 x Carbide Cutters -Square, Round, Rhombus Sharp Edge, Rhombus Arc Edge
  • Mounting Screws
  • Star Wrench
  • Storage Box

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