500mm x 300mm 50W CNC CO2 Laser Machine RSX503050 by Redsail

RedsailSKU: 8601393

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Suitable for cutting Wood, Plastic, Paper, Acrylic, Rubber, other non-metal items. The perfect starter machine for hobbyists, craft/boutique applications. No CAD experience is necessary. Includes easy to use CAD Software, Exhaust Fan, Water Cooling System, and Air Pump.

This machine features an open frame configuration rather than a cabinet enclosure. Having this open frame setup, allows the machine to be easily unmounted from this frame allowing it to parse through narrows doors. (This is not possible with the cabinet enclosure featured on the standard RS130 machine).

The Cutting Capacity / Thickness is dependent entirely on the material specification (ie. material composition) eg.:

  • Material Country of Origin?
  • Whether the material (MDF / Timber) is Dry / Wet?
  • Whether the material is Old / New?

    Standard Accessories:

    • Laser Engraving Software Package
    • User Manual (CD)
    • Water chiller Pump – CW5200
    • Air exhaust fan
    • Air Pump
    • Communication cable
    • 3 Reflect Optics (installed in the machine)
    • 1 Focus Optics (installed in the machine)
    • 1 Laser tube
    • Rotary attachment for cylinder
    • Motorised up and down platform
    • Honeycomb Table
    • Lightworks Software

    Workshop Requirements:

    • Power: 240V 10Amp 50Hz
    • Odour & Fume Extractor
    • Windows-based Computer/Laptop
    • Delivery, Install, Commissioning

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