5 in 1 Combination Machine 3HP 240V C300S by Sicar

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Size: 1.8m Sliding Table
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The Sicar 5 in 1 Combination Machine C300S is a premium economy woodworking machine ideal for home workshops and education environments. The C300 Series are the connecting link between the hobby line and the professional line and ideal for a factory or small professional workshop. It has been designed for the particularly demanding wood craftsman, who doesn't want to give up to safety, precision and reliability. It's the right means by which you can give shape to your wood creation! Equipped with spiral cutter block, this machine is 240V so it can fit into any workspace with 15amp supply.


  • 5 in 1
    • Sliding Table Saw
    • Spindle Moulder
    • Planer with Spiral Cutter Head Block
    • Thicknesser with Spiral Cutter Head Block
    • Mortiser
  • Three motors
  • Tilting functionality on Saw Blade
    • Scoring Saw

Planer with Spiral Head Cutter Block

This type of spiral cutterhead is designed with a true shear cut. The carbide knives sit at at angle along the helical grooves. It reduces the tear-out of your work, makes smaller chips and less noise than any other type of cutterheads. If one knife edge is dull or nicked, just turn it to another edge in seconds and the cutterhead works pefectly as a new one again. This greatly reduces your down time. Replace the inserts only when four edges are dull. You don't need to replace all the knives as you have to do with the conventional single straight knife. It pays you back in a very short time.

  • Working Table: 300x1500mm
  • Cutter Block Length: 300mm
  • Max table adjustment: 4mm

Thicknesser with Spiral Head Cutter Block:

  • Working table 300x660mm
  • Feed speed 8m/Min.
  • Working height 4-220mm

Table Saw / Circular Saw:

  • Working table 220x1000mm
  • Main shaft speed 4500r.p.m
  • Scribe shaft speed 7000r.p.m
  • Cutting height at 45 °/90 ° 50/80mm
  • Cutting width parallel fence 500mm

Spindle Moulder:

  • Working tables 220x1000mm
  • Shaft rotation speeds 2000/3100/4400/7000r.p.m
  • Standard shaft diameter 30mm
  • Shaft vertical stroke 115mm
  • Max. tool diameter 160mm
  • Max. tenoning depth 55mm


  • Working table 250x500mm
  • Vertical stroke 205/95/90mm
  • Chuck (M18*1.5-S) 0-16mm

Optional Accessories

  • 125mm (5") Dust Hose
  • FM300 Dust Collector

Optional Consumables

  • Blades
    • Main blade = 250 x 30mm x 24T - Suit Ripping
    • Main blade = 250 x 30mm x 80T - Suit Melamine, MDF, Chipboard
    • Scribe Blade = 90 x 22mm

Additional Information

Combination Machine
Part Number
Technical - Main
Power Source
Power Source
Any source of power which provides the energy required to drive a piece of machinery or equipment and includes, but is not limited to: electrical, steam, hydraulic, water, air, mechanical, radiation, and thermal forms of energy.
240V 50Hz Single Phase
Motor Power (Output)
Motor Power (Output)
Output power means the maximum power that the motor puts out under ideal conditions.
3HP (2.2kW)
Technical - Saw
Sliding Table (Cross Cut) Size
1.8m or 2.6m (Optional)
Rip Capacity
Rip Capacity
Rip capacity refers to the distance between a table saw's blade and its fully extended rip fence.
600 mm
Blade (Main) - Bore Size (mm)
Blade (Main) - Diameter (Max.)
250 mm
Blade (Main) - Speed
Blade (Scoring) - Diameter (Max.)
90 mm
Blade (Scoring) - Bore Size
20 mm
Blade (Scoring) - Speed
Blade Tilt
Technical - Spiral Head Cutter Block
Blade- Cutter Head Block - Blade Size
15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm Square 30Degree
Blade - Cutter Head Block - Diameter
70 mm
Blade - Cutter Head Block Speed (RPM)
Blade - Cutter Head Block - No. of Blades / Tips
Technical - Planer
Planer - Table Size
300mm x 1500mm
Technical - Spindle Moulder
Spindle Moulder - Table Size
220mm x 1000mm
Spindle Moulder - Shaft Rotation Speed
2000 / 3100 / 4400 / 7000
Product Weight (Net Weight)
560 kg
Country of Origin
Designed, Researched & Developed in
Manufactured in
Standard Inclusions
1 x Main Blade
1 x Scoring Blade
Spiral Cutter Head Block
Wescott Style Chuck
Upgraded Red Triangle Table Support
Emergency Stop Switch
Emergency Stop Switch
An emergency stop switch is a safety mechanism used to shut off machinery in an emergency, when it cannot be shut down in the usual manner.
CE Certified
Dust Port
Workshop (Site) Info
Electrical Connection
15Amp Plug & Lead
Workshop Requirements
15 Amp Plug + Lead
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Length
1300 mm
Shipping Width
1130 mm
Shipping Height
1010 mm
Shipping Weight (Gross)
670.0 kg
Items over 25kg must be packed on a pallet or crate so they can easily be moved by forklift.
Wooden Box / Crate with Skid
Requires a Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload
Requires a Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload
If you are ordering an item over 32kg - it will require a forklift or loading dock at the shipping destination. If you do not have these facilities at the shipping destination you will require a tail lift delivery. Please select this optional ADD-ON. Alternatively - you can collect from the depot.
Shipping Notes
This product exceeds hand unloading limits and requires a tail lift truck or forklift at the unloading location (Receivers end).

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