430mm (17") Floor Mount Drill Press DP430A by Woodfast

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Drilling capacities that handle the tough work demands of professional and industrial workshops that deal with wide panels and various sizes of furniture components. They have become the standard for shops worldwide and will be greatly utilized and appreciated in your shop, too. As with the smaller range of drill presses, these big boys have similar design features and settings for tackling a variety of straight or angle drilling projects in wood, plastics, and metals.

It has ample power to drive the largest twist drills, forstner bits, hole saws, circle cutters, or other types and styles of drill bits. An adjustable, cast iron table with trough perimeter gives great support for wood and metal drilling work. 16-speed ranges produce all of the RPMs needed to match every material being bored.

  • Powerful motors provide plenty of power for drilling
  • Easy-change pulley drive systems give multiple spindle speed choices
  • Big capacity keyed chucks give precise drilling with small to large drill bits
  • Adjustable depth stops are great for repeatable drilling
  • 3-Wing feed handles provide excellent control when drilling
  • Heavy cast iron bases have slots for attaching jigs or fixtures
  • Machined, cast iron tables include slots for attaching clamps, vises, etc.
  • Tables tilt and easily move up or down along the column for best positioning
  • Thick, metal columns for strong, rigid support
  • Front on/off push button switches have removable safety tabs for extra security
  • Includes chuck keys, holders, and speed selection charts

Additional Information

Drill Press
Part Number
DP430A (DP43020F)
The term "configuration" refers to the design or setup of a machine, specifically whether it is benchtop, pedestal, or portable style.

Benchtop Configuration: Machines with a benchtop configuration are designed to be placed on a workbench or tabletop. These machines are typically compact and ideal for smaller workspaces or projects.

Pedestal Configuration: Machines with a pedestal configuration are mounted on a sturdy pedestal or stand. This configuration provides stability and may offer additional height and accessibility for certain applications.

Portable Configuration: Machines with a portable configuration are designed to be easily transported and used in various locations. These machines are lightweight and often feature handles or carrying cases for convenient portability.

Understanding the configuration of a machine is important as it determines how it will fit into your workspace and how you will interact with it during operation.
Floor Mount (Pedestal)
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Length
1400 mm
Shipping Width
530 mm
Shipping Height
260 mm
Shipping Weight (Gross)
78.0 kg

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