410mm 16″ Scrollsaw 10-600VS by Rikon

RikonSKU: 9700039

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The 10-600VS Scroll Saw is considered a ‘Specialty Saw’, having a specific purpose unlike the other machines in the RIKON line that are designed with large cutting capacities. The scroll saw is made for small, delicate detail cutting. The saw is made of all-metal construction.

The 10-600VS Scroll Saw is designed for making small, intricate curved cuts in thinner woods that are used in making decorative scrollwork, puzzles, inlays, and craft items. The thin, working blade allows the material being cut to be freely turned in tight arcs, unlike any other power saw. The DC motor provides variable operating speeds, so adjusting the blade’s cutting action to different materials is easily done with just a twist of the dial. The saw’s 16” throat and large machined aluminum table give extra access and stability when sawing large stock. Table also tilts to -45° for making angled cuts. Machine uses 5” long pinned or plain end blades. Includes cast iron base for greater stability, work light, pair of pin-less blade holders and high-speed flex shaft attaches to the motor shaft for rotary work.


  • LED Work light
  • Cast Iron Base
  • Pair of Pinless Blade Holders

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