410 Rebate Shoulder Plane by Clifton

CliftonSKU: 9400332

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Light, narrow and extremely accurate, the Clifton 410 is a perfectly proportioned shoulder plane for one handed use.

At just 11/16" (18mm) wide, the 410 is perfect for cleaning up machined rebates and housing joints as well as trimming tenons.

The body is machined from quality grey iron casting and precision ground on the sole and the sides. The lever arm is made of unbreakable malleable iron and fits snugly into the body of the plane. The cutting iron fits smoothly onto the machined pads in the body and can be finely adjusted by means of a screw

Length 5 1/2" (138mm)

Width 11/16" (18mm)

Mass (0.5 Kilos)

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