400 Rebate Shoulder Plane by Clifton

CliftonSKU: 9400335

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The 400 Shoulder Rebate Plane has a fine mouth for cabinetmakers and those more demanding woodworkers wanting fine shavings in their precision work. The body is machined from quality grey iron casting, accurately machined and precision ground on the sole and the sides. The cutting iron seats smoothly onto machined pads and fits snugly into the body of the plane and held in by a Rosewood or Walnut wedge.

The Clifton 400 is based on the classic (and rare) Preston Registered Bull Nose Rebate Plane. Like the original it has a hand fitted Rosewood or Walnut wedge, set using the tap and try method, and an exceptionally fine mouth, the blade however, is substantially thicker than the original.

High Quality Oil Hardened Tool Steel, 59-61 Rockwell "C" Hardness, cutting edge ground to 25 deg. Primary and 30 deg. Secondary.

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