330mm (13″) Drill Press 12 Speed 0.5HP 240V OT-DP33016B by Oltre

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330mm (13″) Drill Press DP33016B Benchtop Drill Press is a larger model for a more serious woodworker / metalworker, that requires a benchtop design. It features greater drilling capacity, more spindle speed settings, a larger keyed chuck for bigger diameter drills and a round table that swivels as well as tilts.


  • 12 Speeds
  • 16mm Chuck
  • Powerful motors provide plenty of power for drilling
  • Easy-change pulley drive systems give multiple spindle speed choices
  • Big capacity keyed chucks give precise drilling with small to large drill bits
  • Adjustable depth stops are great for repeatable drilling
  • 3-Wing feed handles provide excellent control when drilling
  • Heavy cast iron bases have slots for attaching jigs or fixtures
  • Machined, cast iron tables include slots for attaching clamps, vices, etc.
  • Tables tilt and easily move up or down along the column for best positioning
  • Thick, metal columns for strong, rigid support
  • Front on/off push button switches have removable safety tabs for extra security
  • Includes chuck keys, holders, and speed selection charts

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Additional Information

Drill Press
Part Number
330mm (13")
The term "configuration" refers to the design or setup of a machine, specifically whether it is benchtop, pedestal, or portable style.

Benchtop Configuration: Machines with a benchtop configuration are designed to be placed on a workbench or tabletop. These machines are typically compact and ideal for smaller workspaces or projects.

Pedestal Configuration: Machines with a pedestal configuration are mounted on a sturdy pedestal or stand. This configuration provides stability and may offer additional height and accessibility for certain applications.

Portable Configuration: Machines with a portable configuration are designed to be easily transported and used in various locations. These machines are lightweight and often feature handles or carrying cases for convenient portability.

Understanding the configuration of a machine is important as it determines how it will fit into your workspace and how you will interact with it during operation.
Technical - Main
Power Source
Power Source
Any source of power which provides the energy required to drive a piece of machinery or equipment and includes, but is not limited to: electrical, steam, hydraulic, water, air, mechanical, radiation, and thermal forms of energy.
240V 50Hz Single Phase
Motor Power (Output)
Motor Power (Output)
Output power means the maximum power that the motor puts out under ideal conditions.
370W (0.5HP) (0.37kW)
Chuck Capacity
16 mm
Speed Range
Table Size
243 x 243mm
Technical - Spindle Moulder
Chuck Capacity
16 mm
Drill Capacity
16 mm
Product Height
910 mm
Product Weight (Net Weight)
44 kg
Country of Origin
Designed, Researched & Developed in
Manufactured in
Rack & Pinion
Rack & Pinion
A rack and pinion is a type of linear actuator that comprises a circular gear (the pinion) engaging a linear gear (the rack).
Price Vs Quality
Chuck Guard
All of our products come with full manufacturer's warranty. If you need to make a claim - all you need is the tax invoice from your purchase. If you lose your original tax invoice and need to make a claim, please let us know and we'll re-issue it to you.
2 Years (Home User) or 1 Year (Commercial User)
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Length
760 mm
Shipping Width
500 mm
Shipping Height
280 mm
Shipping Weight (Gross)
47.0 kg
Items over 25kg must be packed on a pallet or crate so they can easily be moved by forklift.
Cardboard Box
Requires a Skid to Ship
Requires a Skid to Ship
Items over 32kg must be packed on a pallet or crate so they can easily be moved by forklift.
Requires a Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload
Requires a Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload
If you are ordering an item over 32kg - it will require a forklift or loading dock at the shipping destination. If you do not have these facilities at the shipping destination you will require a tail lift delivery. Please select this optional ADD-ON. Alternatively - you can collect from the depot.
Shipping Notes
This product is classified as 'Heavy / Oversized' and generally does not qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

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