305mm (12") Benchtop Disc Sander by Oltre

OltreSKU: 8722401

Style: Cast Aluminium Table
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12" Benchtop Disc Sander is a dedicated disc sander of generous proportions that professional shops favour for fitting and finishing operations, and will fast become a favourite tool in your workshop.

The Disc Sander is available in a light version with a cast aluminium table or a heavy duty version with a cast steel (iron) table.

Direct drive motor provides exceptional power, and makes sanding fast and efficient. Cast iron construction with balanced metal disc plate reduces vibration and gives accurate sanding results. Top brake pad for quick stopping of the disc.

The cast iron table has rack & pinion adjustment (0, 22.5, 45 degrees) for fast angle setting up or down, and has a 'T' slot for use with a mitre gauge.


  • Rack & Pinion Table Adjustment (Cast Steel Type)
  • Manual Disc Brake
  • Large Working Table
  • Paddle On / Off Switch
  • Steel Disc Plate
  • Tilt: 0-45°
  • Positive Stops 0°, 22.5°, 45° (Cast Steel Type)

Standard Accessories

  • Mitre Gauge
  • 1 x 60 Grit Abrasive Disc
  • Dust Port
  • Disc Guard & Mounting Screws
  • Disc Brake and Mounting Screws

Differences in Cast Aluminium / Cast Steel Table Versions

  • Features / Specification OT-DS-305 - Cast Aluminium Table
    • Standard Lever Table Adjustment
    • Plastic Mitre Gauge
    • Motor Speed: 1450RPM
    • Motor Power: 800W
    • Dust Port: 47mm ID
  • Features / Specification OT-DS-305 (DS300) - Cast Steel Table
    • Rack & Pinion Table Adjustment
    • Aluminium Mitre Gauge
    • Motor Speed: 1420RPM
    • Motor Power (1): 1000W
    • Motor Power (2): 750W
    • Dust Port: 63.5mm ID

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