300mm (12") Benchtop Variable Speed Drill Press DP30016B-VS by Oltre

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This is a slightly larger bench pillar drill for hobby use. Robustly made from cast iron and machined steel for stability and strength. It has a true running chuck spindle and a good fit of the quill assembly into the headstock casting to ensure consistent drilling. Powered by a 1/3HP induction motor, Variable speed is adjusted with one simple lever and the speed is displayed on a large digital read-out.

  • Digital read-out accurately displays current spindle speed
  • Mechanical variable speed drive system for easy speed changes from 400-2500rpm with the simple turn of the speed adjustment lever
  • Set the depth adjustment knobs to limit your spindle travel for accurate and repeatable drilling operations
  • The table height is adjusted by a smooth rack and pinion system, makes adjustment easy

Additional Information

Drill Press
300mm (12")
Motor Power (Input)
Motor Power (Input)
Input power means the full-load power input required to operate the motor.
0.33HP / 220W
Table Size
240mm x 240mm
Speed Range
Product Weight (Net Weight)
Workshop (Site) Info / Requirements
Electrical Connection
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Length
77 mm
Shipping Width
50 cm
Shipping Height
39 cm
Shipping Weight (Gross)
53.0 kg
Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload is Highly Recommended
Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload is Highly Recommended
It is highly recommended that goods over 25Kg are handled with a forklift / tail lift.

For items over 25kgs, you must ensure there is assistance for loading and unloading unless you have selected the Tail lift options, otherwise there will be additional fees.

This is for safe handling for the product and the handler.

Please ADD a Tail Lift to your order - should you wish to include a Tail Lift.

Goods over 50Kg must be handled by a Forklift / Tail Lift.
Shipping Notes
This product exceeds hand unloading limits and requires a tail lift truck or forklift at the unloading location (Receivers end). This product requires a skid / pallet / crate in order to safely transport via road.

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