230mm (9") Rosewood / Walnut 'Trial 1' Sliding Bevel with Brass Thumbscrew Locking Nut T20 by Joseph Marples

Joseph MarplesSKU: 10923

Sale price$43.00




A fine sealed rosewood Trial One sliding bevel with a 9" (230mm) blade. This sliding bevel combines rosewood and brass to create a lovely user tool. The bevel is secured by a brass knurled locking adjuster that allows the blade to be secured at any angle. Made from the finest rosewood with solid brass edges for extra protection against wear and tear, this bevel is made to last. The pinnacle of a Sheffield made product.
  • Blued Steel Blades - Adjustable Try Squares with Brass Thumbscrew Slide.
  • A try square which can be adjusted to any angle for marking or checking.
  • The blued steel blade is secured at an angle either by a brass knurled thumbscrew or, more traditionally, by a turn screw (use a screwdriver).

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