200mm 8″ Slow Speed Bench Grinder 80-808 by Rikon

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Sharpening tools or general grinding work is made a bit easier and more exact with RIKON’s low-speed bench grinders with motor speeds of only 1,750 RPM, where other grinders operate at 3.450 RPM! This lower speed means that metal being removed can be controlled better, and reduces heat build-up and ‘bluing’ of a cutting edge being sharpened – ruining the hardness and temper of the tool.

1HP Low-Speed Bench Grinder #80-808 is a larger size motor and will tackle the tough grinding jobs that are typical in production shops, as well as the finesse shaping and sharpening of hand tools. Tool rests on this machine are extra-large and flat, without a drill bit sharpening groove. Wheel flanges are cast metal. Grinder includes dual dust collection ports on the rear of the wheel guards and a second pair of eye shields with 2.5x magnification for close-up inspection of your edges being ground.


  • Cast iron base with rubber feet reduces vibration
  • Holes in the base for mounting grinders to a bench or stand
  • Metal wheel guards for added protection
  • Adjustable cast metal tool rests give solid tool support
  • Adjustable safety eye shields give added protection
  • Adjustable spark shields keep users safe from hot sparks
  • Aluminum oxide grinding wheels give fine cutting action
  • 60 Grit abrasive wheel for rough grinding and metal removal
  • 120 Grit abrasive wheel for final sharpening or shaping
  • Includes flexible LED work light

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