150T Veneering Hot Press HT150-1 by ToughCut

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This ToughCut industrial hot press was specially designed with European quality. The powerful 48KW heating motor with a 4KW hydraulic power motor delivers 150T max pressure. 7.5T heavy body minimises vibration and last longer for life. Specifications:
  • Worktable size 3050X1300mm
  • Max pressure 150T
  • Control method Touch screen
  • Open distance 300mm
  • Worktable layer 1 layer
  • Hot press plate 2pcs
  • Heating motor power 48KW
  • Hydraulic power 4KW
  • Circulating pump power 2.2KW
  • Oil cylinder size Diameter 100X8pcs
  • Weight 7.5T
  • Overall dimension 4200X1700X2200mm
  • Hydraulic valve Taiwan DTL(Panlong)
  • Electrical parts Partial is Schneider brand
  • Motor brand Fujian Xingda
  • Oil cylinder sealing part Taiwan Ding Zing (Dingji)
Belt Conveyor (optional)
  • Size 3100X1500mm
  • Motor power 1.5KW
  • VFD 1.5KW
Roller conveyor without power (optional)
  • Size 3100X1500mm
  • Bearing type 6004X272pcs

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