1250mm Magnetic Sheet Metal Bender 240V 1250E by Oltre X JDC Bend

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Style: Standard (No Hand Shear Attachment)
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A magnetic brake from Oltre X JDC Bend lets you make enclosed shapes that would be impossible on traditional metal brakes. You can bend steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic, among other materials. Open up almost unlimited possibilities! This sheet metal brake can bend boxes or pans to almost any depth since it doesn't rely on conventional finger depths. Runs on 240V single phase power and will work at virtually any site. 1250mm length with a maximum capacity of 16 gauge mild steel. The breakthrough open-ended design allows you to create enclosed ducts and shapes impossible to make with a traditional box and pan brake. 6 tonne magnetic power is consistent across the entire beam, allowing for crisp bends even in the middle of the brake. Scaled stroke angle control lets you deliver repeatable bends time after time. You can set up the mild steel clamping bar with straight bars (of various widths if you had very tight boxes to make) for straight bends or segmented clamping bars for box and pan applications. Blade gap adjustment on the clamping bars lets you work with sheet metal of different thicknesses. You can remove the bottom leaf's bending extension for the tightest bend dimension between bends of .625".

Each electromagnetic sheet metal brake from Oltre offers

  • Open-ended design: The open top gives you the flexibility to make any kind of bend imaginable, including enclosed boxes or triangles.
  • Magnet with 6 tonne of force – The powerful magnet holds the material in place so that you can clamp it within the open concept design.
  • Foot pedal or push-button controls – Engage the magnet and leave your hands free to guide the material.
  • Small footprint: This do-it-all machine doesn't take up much space in your shop.
Recommended for
  • HVAC shops, industrial art shops, and general sheet metal fabrication shops.
  • Making ductwork, triangles, alternate bends on varying planes, round items such as scrolling applications, and much more.
Easy, hands-free operation
  • Put a piece of material between the clamping bar to the depth required.
  • Engage the powerful magnet in the bending bed with push-button control.
  • Hit the foot pedal that softly clamps the material. This foot control keeps your fingers safely out of the machine and you to reposition the material.
  • Lift the bottom bending leaf to complete the bend.
Technical Data

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Additional Information

Magnetic Bender
Part Number
Technical - Main
Power Source
Power Source
Any source of power which provides the energy required to drive a piece of machinery or equipment and includes, but is not limited to: electrical, steam, hydraulic, water, air, mechanical, radiation, and thermal forms of energy.
240V 50Hz Single Phase
Bending Angle (°)
Clamping Force
Clamping Force
Clamping force is the pressure a clamp applies to hold an object in place. It's determined by the clamp's design, materials, tightening mechanism, and user's force. It's often measured in pounds or newtons. Proper clamping force ensures stability without damaging the object or the clamp itself.
6000kg (6T)
Product Length
1250 mm
Product Width
900 mm
Product Height
900 mm
Product Weight (Net Weight)
150 kg
Country of Origin
Manufactured in
Standard Inclusions
Foot Switch
Storage Tray
Adjustable Backstops
Short Length Clamp Bars (for making boxes)
Narrow Clamp Bar
Slotted Clamp Bar
All of our products come with full manufacturer's warranty. If you need to make a claim - all you need is the tax invoice from your purchase. If you lose your original tax invoice and need to make a claim, please let us know and we'll re-issue it to you.
2 Years (Home User) or 1 Year (Commercial User)
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Weight (Gross)
100.48 kg
Shipping Notes
This product exceeds hand unloading limits and requires a tail lift truck or forklift at the unloading location (Receivers end).

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