115mm (4-1/2") Rosewood / Walnut Miniature Sliding Bevel 20G by Joseph Marples

Joseph MarplesSKU: 9100068

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These are the five original design measuring and marking products made for the miniature or model maker. All the squares are made with blued steel blades (2.75" long), pinned to a rosewood stock which is fitted with a brass wear strip. The dovetail squares are available in either 1:6 pitch for softwoods or 1:8 pitch for hardwoods, a 3" try square is also available. The 4 ½" mitre square is ideal for anyone using small section moulding to produce frames etc. The 4 ½" sliding bevel can be set to any angle and the blade locked in place with a turn screw. The rosewood / walnut (different timber species are available at different times) marking knife has a high carbon steel blade, bevelled on one side only for accurate marking.
  • 19g - 3" (75mm) try square
  • 19h - 3" (75mm) dovetail square, 1:6
  • 19j - 3" (75mm) dovetail square, 1:8
  • 19n - 4.5" (112mm) mitre square
  • 20g - 4.5" (112mm) sliding bevel

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