100mm (4") x 100mm (4") x 65mm (2-1/2") Dust Extraction Dust Control Dual Port Hose Fitting Kit YW11189 by Oltre

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Dual Port Kit a simple solution for tools with multiple dust ports like router tables and table saws. Uniquely designed 'Y" fitting facilitates proportional flow and eliminates the need for adaptors. Features:
  • Ideal for tools with multiple dust ports
  • Splits the main line of your dust collection system into two lines with an efficient, clog-resistant ''Y'' junction
  • Reduces the 100mm (4") diameter of one branch of the connector to 65mm (2-1/2'') so you can connect to common power tools that have a smaller dust port such as bandsaws, table saws and router tables.
  • Eliminates the need for adaptors
Standard Accessories:-
  • 100mm (4") Rubber Cuff with Clamps
  • 100mm (4") x 100mm (4") x 65mm (2-1/2") Rubber Dual Port Y Fitting
  • 100mm (4") Wire Hose Clamp
  • 65mm (2-1/2") Wire Hose Clamps
  • Excludes Hose

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