100mm (4") 20TPI Mini Reversible Gents Saw with Brass Backed Blade and Beech Handle by Lynx

LynxSKU: 8000293

Sale price$35.00




A 4" version of the 10" Reversible Gents Saw, this saw is made to facilitate the right or left-handed worker. The cranked rosewood handle allows you to cut into even smaller awkward corners than the larger Reversible Saw. This saw has a brass back and a beech handle. Features:-
  • Specially designed blade shape and cranked shaft allow cutting in awkward areas - can flip the blade round using the rotating brass back to help cut in these areas and also facilitate left and right handed woodworkers.
  • Beech Handle with Brass Ferrule
  • Brass Back
  • Etched with Lynx logo
  • Can be re-sharpened

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