1000W Trimmer for Connectors AB181 by Virutex

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Machine specially designed for trimming the slots to place the OVVO® automatic connectors for assembling panels. Easy to use it makes the trimming fast and accurate. (Patented model)

Powerful 1000 W motor with electronics for speed adjustment and to keep the speed constant under load.

Positioning of the machine by mean of retractable stoppers and visual references.No need to take measures.

Adjustable fence for trimming in several angles. Automatic stoppers for 0°, 45° and 90°.

Precise adjustment of the panel thickness.

Precise adjustment of the trimming depth.

Fast trimming depth adjustment for several dimensions of the connectors. No tools or other machine adjustments needed.

Non-slip double base with non-scratch protection.

Dust collector nozzle. For a connection to an external dust collection.

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