1000mm Twin Wide Belt Sender with Platen RWS1000R-RP by Toughcut

ToughCutSKU: 8601280

Sale price$29,900.00




Ideal for medium to large workshops, as well as workshops for the production of millwork and building products, window frames, doors made of solid wood, moldings, and laminated furniture boards, enterprises for the production of furniture, flooring, and other wood-processing industries.


  • Automatic measurement of the thickness of the workpiece significantly reduces the time of preparation of the machine to work.
  • Height adjustment of the work table via the digital control panel.
  • The machine is equipped with a photocell that monitors the position of the sanding belt from the center.
  • Automatic Feed Belt Adjustment.
  • Abrasive air blowers prevent the build-up of dust significantly increasing the belt life and the quality of the resulting surface polished.

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