1000 x 95mm Quick Action Revo Body Clamp KRE100-2K by Duratec

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  • Woodworking clamps at their finest
  • Parallel jaw action securely grips anywhere on the jaw surface for edge use and for non parallel clamping
  • The sliding jaw features two non slip devices for safer and more secure clamping up to 7,000N compression
  • Fully heat treated six sided serrated and profile rail for grip and strength
  • Removable protective plastic jaw caps
  • Sliding jaw may be used reversed for use as a spreader 255-1355mm
  • When on its back, the clamp easily converts to a sash clamp
  • Clip on/off contact elements on the rail protects both the work piece and rail
  • Blackened wear resistant cold drawn square acme threaded spindle for a long clamping life
  • Comfortable two component handle
  • Glass fibre reinforced jaws are glue and solvent resistant
  • The TK6 Table Clamps may be used to secure to a bench or table top


  • Opening: 1000mm
  • Throat depth : 95mm
  • Spreading width min/max : 255 - 1130mm
  • Rail : 29 x 9mm

Additional Information

Parallel Clamps
Part Number
1000 x 95mm
Technical - Main
Clamping Capacity / Span
Clamping Capacity / Span
Clamping capacity, also known as clamping span, refers to the maximum distance or size that a clamp can effectively grip or hold. In other words, it's the maximum width or diameter of the object that the clamp can accommodate.
1500mm (60")
Clamping Depth / Throat
Clamping Depth / Throat
Clamping depth, also known as throat depth or simply throat, refers to the distance from the edge of the clamping mechanism (such as the jaws of a clamp) to the nearest obstruction or the fixed part of the clamp.

In other words, it's the maximum depth or reach into which the clamp can securely hold an object.
90mm (3-35/64")
Clamping Force
Clamping Force
Clamping force is the pressure a clamp applies to hold an object in place. It's determined by the clamp's design, materials, tightening mechanism, and user's force. It's often measured in pounds or newtons. Proper clamping force ensures stability without damaging the object or the clamp itself.
600Kg (6000N)
Country of Origin
Manufactured in
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Weight (Gross)
4.4 kg

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