1.5m 1PH 3HP Sawmill HB350A by Woodfast

WoodfastSKU: 8723803

Sale price$3,495.00




Designed for budget-minded customers looking at getting into milling their own lumber at an exceptional price. The HB350 offers hobby sawyers an easy-to-use, well-engineered sawmill with the ability to mill logs up to 40cm in diameter and 1.5m in length.


  • Works like a real sawmill, whilst being compact.
    • The log stays stationary whilst the saw head passes along its length, slicing boards at the height you choose.
  • Log Clamping
    • The mill comes standard with two log rest/log dog assemblies for fast dogging and positive locking. Also features back dogs for easy clamping of beams, cants, and boards.
  • Smooth Sawhead Action
    • The smooth operation of the saw head crank handle precisely adjusts the saw head height – clockwise to raise the saw head, counter-clockwise to lower the saw head
  • Operator Comfort
    • Crank feed wheel for operator comfort and easy control

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